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Package Design : Chilanthropy

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

A new look for a new year

A new look for a new year


Being philanthropic.

Two things that go very well together, particularly when you’re talking about Chilanthropy, Rey Herrera’s new high-end candle company that is literally on fire here in Los Angeles. Not only are the candles gorgeous, but a portion of the proceeds go to a variety of deserving charities around the globe.

In April, the two-year old concern got a major visibility boost when actor Max Greenfield, part of the cast of Zooey Deschanel’s hit Fox show New Girl, dropped a, um… glowing recommendation for the candles in Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog Goop. (Wow, this might be a record for name dropping and bad puns in this blog, please forgive me)

Fortunately, Rey and I had just completed a major overhaul of his packaging.

Box design 1.0

Box design 1.0

The previous style was based around recycled paper boxes fitted with adhesive labels, which were entirely eco-friendly in keeping with the branding but underperforming in terms of durability and eye-catching power on the shelves.

If you’ve not looked at a display of expensive candles recently, do yourself a favor and take a look at your local gift store. This is a highly competitive category and the buy is usually impulse. Typical customers buy them as gifts, so the look and feel of the packaging is as vital as the scent and candle quality itself.

The new style could easily be stacked 20 high, and if the pile fell over I doubt any of the candles or packaging would be damaged in the least.

An eco-friendly packaging company here in Los Angeles had a strong recycled-board container in a circular style that fitted Rey’s candles like a glove. Printing is done directly on the box itself, so there’s no added work to add labels (which can also peel off in certain adverse climate conditions).

Version 2.0, open

Version 2.0, open

The new styling on the exterior dials up the theme of the Chilanthropy logo to the extreme, with oversize logo images in the color of each candle style seen licking every side of the box — catching the casual shopper’s eye not only with the sharper colors but also with this literal representation of the experience of burning the candle. Talk about truth in packaging!

The traditional handwritten brand phrase “burn. relax. repeat.” and logo are reprised on the box, while the back side has information on the specific charity supported by the purchase of that candle.

The top of the box shows the logo in full.

The quality and feel of the packaging is such that I could easily see the owner keeping the box as a keepstake container after the candle is fully used, extending the useful life of the packaging and also keeping the candle company brand as a presence in the home.

This new style has gotten rave reviews from Chilanthropy distributors, which now number in the hundreds, and taken the company’s retail presence to a whole new level.

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