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Case Studies : Spa Marketing

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

12-0625-atl-smThese case studies, written and designed for a leading online spa resource and wellness company, profile their best clients around the world and demonstrate the effectiveness of their marketing opportunities.

Interviews with spa directors and details about their activities are boiled down to their essence for a quick, upbeat read.

The styling is drawn from a recently recast visual design framework that highlights a classic, modern spa/wellness palette with cool eco-greens and pale blues.

A handy sidebar shows the scale of the customer with some quick statistics and a property overview, along with a breakout quote that sums the jist of the piece.

Taken as a set, these present a strong case for why so many top spas choose this company as a trusted marketing partner.

12-0625-montg-sm1 case study writing marketing promotional

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