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ABOUT THE FOUNDER Company founder Duff Ferguson has created and implemented high quality communication programs for companies ranging from Fortune 15 to pure startup, in industries as diverse as global financial services, technology, healthcare, and entertainment.

His issue advocacy programs, created for McKesson Corporation, Alliance Capital Management, and others, have increased medical safety awareness, opened emerging markets, and influenced financial industry regulatory policy.

He has been a trusted advisor on internal and external communications, CEO communications, branding, corporate philanthropy, sponsorship, and community relations.

He founded Amplitude Creative in 2004 to carry out his vision of a comprehensive, highly creative design, photography, and marketing communications consultancy that could provide the best work to clients at a reasonable cost.
Amplitude measures the degree of change in atmospheric pressure caused by sound waves. Put simply, a sound with greater amplitude is more energetic, intense, and impactful. It literally hits you with physical force.

Without amplification, running your business can be like playing an expensive electric guitar… unplugged. You may be making the most beautiful music imaginable, but it can only be heard by a few.

Today’s highly competitive, global economy requires high amplitude, highly creative marketing communications. At Amplitude Creative, we take your business – including your people, your ideas, your products, and your services – and amplify its message so it can be heard loud and clear. We are never short on ideas and aim to wow you with our enthusiasm and creativity.

Online or offline, Amplitude has the expertise, the technology, and the artistry to clarify and deliver your message to your customers, your partners, and your employees. Using the most cost effective means available.

Loud and clear.

That is the Amplitude credo.
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