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Everyone is deluged today with a high volume of marketing emails, newletters, list serv digests, and more, not to mention their own personal and business email. As you consider entering into the fray with your own marketing message, it is vital to have the right design and technology partner so you can cut through the clutter.


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We'll help you create a great looking format, compelling content, and a sensible delivery schedule to match your customers or fan base. Our opt-in email campaigns are designed to load fast and dependably in any email reader and be fully compliant with spam laws.

In addition to traditional text and html marketing emails, we also offer the latest in blog-powered RSS newsletters, allowing you to repurpose website content easily into must-read marketing emails.

Emails : Award Recognition

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Email Marketing : AutomotiveAn email marketing campaign for an automotive SEO technology company celebrating its recent high-visibility award wins from two important industry organizations.

Annual awards from these respected entities really carry some weight in the auto dealer community.  As you can imagine, the budgets of dealerships are cut to the bone at the moment, and all that are still in business are racing to cut costs by chopping traditional marketing and investing in online reputation and SEO.  So this has become a very competitive space with many competing claims about which vendor is getting the best results.

We put the awards front and center here and amplified their message with some straightforward copy.  The company spokescharacter is shown leaning confidently against her awards, while the backdrop places real dealer review quotes as wallpaper on a powerful gradiated blue background.  A detailed call to action offers a free report that gives a dealership a true view of where they stand online, allowing the dealer to gauge exactly the value that hiring them would provide before spending a dime.

Leads from these emails feed first into a data collecting landing page and then into a remailer that sends the dealer a confirmation message with the information they submitted and company contact info.  The company receives the info as well, coded for easy tracking.

These emails “degrade” well into well formatted plain text if the recipient is offline or has images shut off in their email reader.

Email Marketing : Automotive Email Marketing : Automotive

Email : Feedblitz Template

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Email : Feedblitz TemplateAn email template for a system that automatically emails subscribers to this client’s blog once per day on any day he adds new postings to the blog.  This assures that fans of his material get quick notification of any content, stay involved, and have an easy way to view and share his content freely.

The template includes a look/feel that mirrors the site, easy links to his site’s major static content, an index that jumps down to excerpts of new posts that appeared that day, short excerpts of each post, an “email to friend” link for each excerpt, an audio feature that reads the excerpt out loud, and of course the mandatory unsubscribe link at bottom.  The email looks the same in every email reader (including the notorious Google and Yahoo readers), and degrades well to a nicely formatted text-only email if the subscriber has images turned off in their email reader.

Visitors to the client’s website see a “subscribe to blog” link on every page, which sends them through an easy double opt-in process using a look/feel format that is close to the sample you see here.  This assures very clean lists and no risk of generating spam.

We chose Feedblitz as the provider for the subscription service, which offers a very nicely functioning blog subscription engine that is well priced and adequate for most basic blog needs.  It keeps an eye on his RSS feed, manages all his subscriptions, and mails out the newsletter automatically without him having to lift a finger.

Emails : Wild Wild West

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Three more in a series of old Western themed marketing emails for an automotive technology provider.  As usual, these revert to easily-read plain text emails if the recipient has images turned off or is offline when viewing the email.  Combined with landing pages, these are really delivering leads.

Email : Wild Wild West 2 Email : Wild Wild West 3 Email : Wild Wild West 4

Email : Online Auto Dealer Protection

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Email : Online Lead ProtectionA marketing email with a corresponding landing page for the auto dealer community, promoting a new technology that helps dealers identify unscrupulous third party lead providers who advertise online while impersonating the dealer, and then sell the leads they generate back to the dealer.

This design was created in collaboration with the client’s marketing department.  At client request the email is image-oriented, but also includes the full text of the promotional message at the bottom in case the recipient blocks images on their email reader.  Once clicked through, the dealer is taken to a custom landing page which collects their contact info and remails it to the company’s sales staff (a copy goes also to the dealer so they can check their information and know that their message was received).  After they fill out the form, the dealer is taken to a “thank you” page that invites them to explore other areas of the site and the company’s products.

This company has been using email marketing for some time, but the addition of landing pages has now increased the lead response exponentially.

Landing Page : Online Lead Protection

Auto site banner

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Banner adA web banner ad for an auto technology company, touting their significant ROI advantage.

Simple, persuasive creative, to be placed in a popular auto industry newsletter.

Technology email

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

marketing emailThis marketing email quickly communicates the benefits of a new feature of a large SEO marketing program offered by an auto industry technology provider.  Simple text and graphics for fast loading and a redundant text area at the bottom in case the recipient can’t see the images.

Winter Newsletter

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Winter NewsA Winter email newsletter for an auto dealership SEO company.

The teaser email, which loads quickly in any email reader, features headlines and short summaries of the newsletter along with small images. The links from the email click through to expanded articles and information, located on their website.

Winter NewsletterIn a market where any auto-industry dependent firm is under severe pressure, this company is thriving, due to some savvy marketing of their very high ROI technology.

Email Promo Piece

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Online Newsletter PromoAn emailable version of a press release for a gorgeous new online spa magazine.

There’s a full sidebar, allowing the insertion of images from the magazine, a cover shot, breakout quotes, and more without disturbing the flow of the press release. The header includes a very soothing image from the magazine, setting the right tone from the moment the email is opened.

Sherrie Keys Marketing Emails

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Sherry Keys Email #1Sherry Keys Email #2Two different versions of an email fan news blast designed for the launch of Chubby Girls Records’ new gospel artist Sherrie Keys. Her creative direction was for classiness in a classic look, with a gold theme.

The overall vibe is that of confident elegance, utilizing colors and textures found in the images that accompany the piece.

Quarterly HTML Newsletter

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Quarterly newsletterAn quarterly email newsletter written and designed for an auto dealership search engine marketing consultancy. The teaser email links to an expanded version on their website, as shown.

The text has a handy table of contents, allowing the reader to jump down the page. Small images are interspersed with the text, breaking up the content into manageable chunks.
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