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The world of journalism is on its ear, but people are as hungry as ever for news. The news cycle, once a hallowed daily ritual, has been reduced to mere minutes. Slashed traditional newsroom budgets and collapsing print circulations are making room for the new online media, who can break a story fast but also spread rumors and innuendo without check.

Having a strong working relationship with the entire spectrum of media covering your market space should be a stated marketing goal for your company, whether established or startup. This media can take the form of traditional newspapers, online news sites, bloggers, television, online review sites, and more.

The media might not always be favorable to your product or point of view, but they should be fair in giving you a hearing and reporting accurately on you and your competitors. Good stories are filled with compelling data, prescient market forecasts, and unique insider perspective; reporters are always hungry for new sources of good information. We'll help you identify your most interesting stories and issues and be a passionate advocate for them alongside you.

As experts who have led media and public relations efforts at top companies in financial services, technology, new media, and healthcare, we have an unending supply of tactics to apply to keep your company front and center in the media's eye.

Whether you are a local company or a global conglomerate, if you have a story to tell -- or a crisis to manage -- we can help steer you safely through the process.


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Sunday, May 17th, 2009

In addition to the past PR work you can read about on the “About Us” and “Client Roster” pages, we are involved in several ongoing PR projects for companies in the technology, automotive sales, health and wellness, and entertainment industries.

We can quickly assemble a team anywhere in the country to support your PR goals here or overseas, helping build a solid foundational reputation that will pay off in increased sales, more motivated employees, and stronger client relations.  We have developed long term relationships with a variety of firms that can amplify this activity as much as is needed.

Call or email for more information about what we can do for you.

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