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If you are like most companies today, your website is a major, if not primary, storefront and the most public face your customers will encounter. Your site must showcase your products and broadcast your marketing messages in a highly professional way.


We approach web design primarily from a marketing and informational perspective, and secondarily from a technology perspective. This means that your web site won't fall victim to the latest trendy and expensive technology. Instead, it will showcase your information and products in the best possible manner, support your branding message, be easy to navigate, run fast and dependably, and yes... be cool.

Once we've arrived at the perfect design, we use traditional HTML programming with elements of CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Flash to bring the site to life. We also employ the open source publishing system WordPress, which is revolutionizing blogging. Many of our clients opt to host on our shared server as well to help keep costs under control.

We've designed websites for everyone from Fortune 20 corporations to tiny micro businesses, so we are confident that we'll have a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Extraordinary Families

Monday, June 17th, 2013

We are proud to be one of many helping find 100 new families this year for children needing therapeutic foster care. Our role is providing marketing materials and strategy to power the campaign. These kids have greater emotional and developmental needs that can only be addressed effectively in a stable home environment with people that have plenty of patience, good will and a sincere desire to help some amazing kids. This is sometimes also known as ITFC, or intensive treatment foster care, but the newer term is TFC, therapeutic foster care.

Check it out and help spread the word… we need to find some extraordinary families!
Therapeutic Foster Care — Extraordinary Families

SEO : #1 Google position for AmplitudeCreative.com

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Over the year since our last update, Google has continued to hone its organic search algorithms aggressively to root out sites using “black hat” SEO techniques. Our hat is off to them: the web surfer is the clear winner here.

Content is still, and will always be, the heart of best practice SEO. And as a content-rich site, amplitudecreative.com has benefited greatly from this drive for quality search results.

Amplitude Creative has maintained a strong online position at Google for its targeted search terms since we launched our SEO practice in 2009. The company is currently seen on the first page of Google results for:

“los angeles creative agency”
“los angeles marketing communications”

seo11…and for “los angeles marketing communications agency,” we hold the #1 spot at Google.

We point this out not to brag, but to illustrate the fundamental principle of winning in the search engine wars: content, content and more good content. A vast majority of sites have little to no content that is useful to a search engine and may even be getting penalized for inadvertent mistakes.

Is your site one of them?

The Instrument Place

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Coming soon to a browser near you… theinstrumentplace.com!

Favicon : Gabriel Entertainment Group

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Favicon : Gabriel Entertainment GroupGabriel Entertainment Group of Los Angeles is charging ahead with several new projects, drawing on their deep experience and close association with leading Los Angeles casting agency Perry/Reece Casting.

This new favicon uses an iconic G letter, rendered with a slight bevel and overhead light, to represent this company that has delivered so many iconic films.

Too many web designers fail to take advantage of this little extra artistic area in the browser.  Favicons are easy to create, increase branding visibility across the screen, and take the site up one level in professionalism.

Favicon : Perry Reece Casting

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Favicon : Perry Reece Casting Los AngelesA new favicon for the unique, understated website of Perry Reece Casting of Los Angeles, one of the premier casting agencies in the city.

On the website, the company name is rendered in a playful, friendly manner, as is the entire site.  To continue with this tone, the new favicon uses the initials of the company, set slightly askew, over a background that helps the letters pop while matching the site coloration.

Favicons are a frequently overlooked area of web design, even here in Los Angeles, but are one inexpensive way to dial up the look of the site one more notch.

Custom MySpace : Willy T Bryant

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Custom MySpace : Willy T BryantThe design for Willy T Bryant’s new customized MySpace Music page is inspired from the artworks and photos we recently created for his upcoming rock n’ roll record “The Remission Sessions.”

An overhead shot of the Los Angeles downtown grid, centered on the LA river trench, forms the background.  A weathered border sets off the main page area which has a background of weathered old paper.  A generous header at top shows a great side shot of Willy looking over the train tracks in the downtown rail yard, plus a small thumbnail of the record (which will later have links to purchase locations when available), and links to email Willy or become a friend of the band.

A customized name title and contact table, a centered comment area, and a few other tweaks complete the page.

SEO : More First Page Results

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

SEO : Amplitude Creative Los Angeles Marketing CommunicationsAmplitude Creative is proud to announce that the company has now risen as high as the #2 slot on the first page of organic Google search results for “Los Angeles marketing communications” and “Los Angeles marketing communications agency.”  This is in relation to the more than 4 million results found in total.

High organic search result placement is essential to online visibility — very few web surfers look beyond the first four or five results on the first page.  We dedicate significant time fine tuning the search engine optimization for all our web properties and delivering content that shows our genuine expertise in topics like marketing communications, which pays off in resilient search engine placement over time.

This highly visible, purely organic placement is driving strong credibility and increased customer inquiries for the company.  Thanks to our clients and partners for helping make it possible.

SEO : Grant Langston is Modern Country Music

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

SEO : Grant Langston 1st Page Search ResultsThe web is a place where smart content strategy coupled with real credibility can turn industries on their ear… there’s no better example than our client Grant Langston.  We built Grant a powerful Wordpress-powered, search optimized website last year and helped design a content strategy that makes it easy for him to stay current on the web and still have plenty of time to make great music.

Do a search for “modern country music” and you’ll only find one artist website listed in the first page of Google search results: Grant Langston.  A glance at his site stats shows that this search phrase is bringing dozens of new potential fans to his site every month… and the numbers are growing rapidly.  The secret to his success?  Great blogging content, which he adds to regularly whether at home on the road… everything from reflections on his life as an artist, updates from the studio, album reviews, reminiscences, shout outs to favorite bands, and much much more.  What fan wouldn’t love that level of connection with a great artist?

Of course, all this would be meaningless if Grant didn’t have the goods to back it up, but he is in fact leading the charge in Los Angeles and beyond with constant touring (here and overseas), tireless creative recording, co-writing, and more.

If Grant keeps this up, “modern country music” will soon be a badge of pride rather than fodder for eye rolling.  Langston’s honest, hard hitting, highly musical sound is miles away from your typical big country music — keeping the true attitude of real country alive in an industry that often seems to have abandoned its roots.

The role of a great artist today is more than just making amazing music and living the life — it is also helping to lasso in new fans through clever use of today’s leading technology.

Beautiful, unique web design + clever content is a winning strategy whether you are a country singer or a traditional business.

Let us know how we can help you claim your rightful place online.

Web Design : Andy McPhee

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Amplitude Creative is proud to announce that it will be building a website for Australian actor Andy McPhee, who has appeared widely in television and film and also launched his own coaching studio in Los Angeles.  His latest appearance is on the series Sons of Anarchy playing a tough guy character.  Look for the new site in mid-summer 2010 at andymcphee.com.

Favicon : Hollywood Sign

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Favicon : Hollywood Sign Los Angeles The website for the caretaker of the Hollywood Sign — the storied Hollywood Sign Trust — is one of the most popular sites for Los Angeles visitors and historians, but until recently the site has not had a “favicon.”  This is the little icon that appears next to the site web address URL in various places depending on which browser you use.

The size is very limited, so the execution has to be creative.  We used the iconic “H” from the sign and added a sloping green hill with blue sky beyond — communicating at the glance the stature of the sign and its famous huge lettering.

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